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For guesthouses, B&Bs, self-catering accommodation, hotels, function rooms & more.

Show your booked and available dates for all your rooms

Simple integration into your website

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Availability report - linked or embedded Yes Yes
Room descriptions Yes Yes
Visitors can choose date range of availability report Yes Yes
Support Full phone/email Full phone/email
Number of booked dates Unlimited Unlimited
Number of rooms 3 Unlimited
Number of room photos 1 Unlimited
Multi-room date updater No Yes
Show room prices No Yes
Bookings module No Yes
CSS customising of iFrame and mini iFrame reports No Yes

Three simple ways to integrate report into your website:

1. Add a "Check Availability" link like this:

Check Availability

2. Embed using an iFrame - just 1 line of HTML:

3. Mini embedded report - ideal for 1 room.

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Simple integration to your existing website - just add an "availability" link
or embed the report into a page on your website
Quick and easy to use for both you and those visiting your website
Clear, concise room availability report, for all your rooms, for your visitors to view
Visitors can choose the date range of the availability report
Include room details and room photos on the availability report
No software to install
Easy integration to your existing website
Nice point & click interface to add/remove booked dates
Subscription based so no adverts or watermarks
Fully functional on: IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Edge, Chrome, FireFox, iPhone & iPad
Include on your report a link to a nearby friends accommodation
Update booked dates across multiple rooms with one click
Personal service - give me a call/email any time with RoomCalendar problems or questions.
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